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Speaking sample - Topic 2: Social Media

1. Do you and your friends like using social media?

Sample answer: Whether we like it or not, we are surrounded by a sea of social networking sites. But the worst part is that you run the risk of being cut off from the rest of the world if you don't use them. Personally, I particularly appreciate how handy it is to stay in touch with people at any time and from anyplace. Apart from that, you are aware of what is happening. However, I also believe that  the prevalence of social media has led to a certain amount of overload, so I try to rely less on it.


2. Do you think you and your friends use too much social media?

Sample answer: I guess I'll have to say yes. For the majority of us, it happens frequently. We utilize it a little bit excessively, like  I always pick up my phone after waking up in the morning to check Facebook or Instagram to see what's new. I used to spend my commute watching a variety of videos. So definitely, social media has been overused a lot.


3. Do you want to work in social media? Why?

Sample answer: I never considered that before, but that is a very intriguing question. I believe it will be quite fascinating since you will be exposed to new things every day. In addition, I believe their working hours are very flexible, and if that is the case, that will appeal to me. Most significantly, there are many prospects because social media appears to be the future trend. Who knows, maybe I'll give it a go.


4. What is the most popular social media in your country? Why?

There are several social media applications that have drawn users from various age groups. In terms of user activity and popularity, I'd say Tiktok is at the top. A lot of people have though of achievement as successful vloggers and influencers thanks to the short-form video software that enables producers to record, edit, and upload videos.


5. What social media apps do you use very often?

Facebook and YouTube are two platforms that I use pretty frequently. Facebook is a useful program for keeping in touch with pals and learning what's going on with my friends. Youtube is rather distinct. Personally, I utilize it as a platform for gathering information. I enjoy watching several documentaries and English classes. In general, it helps with my knowledge acquisition in my areas of interest.



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